Bucket List Challenge

This year I am going to complete 10 things in my bucket list.

So far here is a list of the things I have done in 2012 …

01  Make a Craft off Pinterest

Here is the list …

get into a college

fall in love

get married

become a mom

go to New York City

decide on a career

read an e-book

start my own blog

graduate from high school

catch a fish that’s bigger than my hand

graduate from college

learn to read Greek

see a Cirque De Soliel show

donate my hair

go to a movie alone

win an award

go to an Olympic Games

go to an NFL game

go to an NBA basketball game

win the lottery

meet a Hollywood celebrity

go to a movie premiere

go to a film festival

go to Los Angeles

kiss in the rain 

kiss in a bookstore

go to New York City to watch the ball drop

kiss someone on New Year’s

learn to play an entire song on the piano

be a apart of a non-profit organization

go to a museum exhibit

go clubbing

eat only healthy food for a week

take a cooking class

go skinny dipping

go camping

buy a car

buy a book at Shakespeare and Company in Paris

ride a hot air balloon

gamble in Vegas

mail a secret to Post Secret

go to Greece

be a bridesmaid

see a movie at a drive-in

make a documentary film

ride a train across Europe

learn to ski

make tiramasu

lose 10 pounds

have my own dog

study abroad

go on a cruise around the Mediterranean

mail a letter

be an extra in a movie or TV show

be an audience member at a talk show

take a surfing lesson

own a vacation home

have a surprise party thrown in my honor

own a pool

become a grandmother

become an aunt

go dog sledding

take a road trip across the United States

give birth

keep a journal for two years

have a bachelorette party

climb to the top of the Statue of Liberty

kiss on top of the Eiffel tower

ride a gondola in Venice

be at the top of the Sears Tower

read a graphic novel

have breakfast brought to me in bed

travel to a landmark in a state i live in


visit a concentration camp

learn how to play poker

get a marriage proposal

have someone buy me flowers

go to Universal Studios

get a facial

go to VidCon

ride in a limo

get pregnant

backpack through Europe

plant a tree

buy a designer dress

run for a cause

go to a rave

meet Zooey Deschanel

ride an elephant

take a film-editing class

make a craft off Pinterest

take a photography class

make a YouTube video that gets over 20,000 views


One thought on “Bucket List Challenge

  1. I have a bucket List too! I started it back in 2011 with a Sky-dive for the hospice who cared for my Dad before he passed away and then did a wing walk (AMAZING-you HAVE to try it!!!)

    This past year, I have attended a festival, Eaten Insects, Met the REAL Santa in Lapland, Finland, Been Dog sledding, Seen Tutankhamun’s tomb in Egypt, Quad biked through the desert, been on a jeep safari, indoor sky-dived with my kids, been hydro-zorbing, and many more. I’m off to an ice hotel in a month! …SO AMAZING the things you achieve when you actually write a list!

    Well done! My full list is here if you fancy a look-feel free to pinch ideas! I love that you donated hair by the way! Such a great thing to do! 🙂

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